OpenMonitor v1.3

Vital signs monitoring (HR, temp, Bpm)

1 Data accuracy

OpenMonitor provides the most accurate data stream on the market including monitoring heart rate, temperature and respiratory rate.

2 Design

Clean, Modern Design. OpenMonitor’s wearable fits on waist (under the belt) and looks like an small button.

3 Child safe

Child-safe. OpenMonitor is safe with encapsulated electronics, delivered in a durable and heat resistant case.

4 Waterproof

OpenMonitor is waterproof.

16 Long Lasting Battery

OpenMonitor uses a standard wireless charging system that’s minimalist with magnets. It takes 2 hours to charge and will work 24 hours.

7 Realtime data and API

All user data data is available via Mobile application, web application and API.

...and much more